Open-Ended Toys

An open-ended toy is one that can be played with in many different ways. They aren’t bound to one form of play. For example, a video game can only function in one way. You can’t make spontaneous changes depending on your mood. But an open-ended toy can be used to suit your child’s imagination. This nurtures their creativity and developing skills.

Here are some of the best open-ended toys you should have in your playroom. The best part about them is that they’re suitable for all kids at all ages, boy or girl, so everyone can play together.

Blocks are a classic toy that everyone (hopefully) played with when they were children. Blocks can be played with in any way. They can become accessories in many other types of games. They can make a garage for toy cars, a castle for toy knights, or be a part of imaginative games, like an exotic alien currency or buried treasure.

Legos, like blocks, can be configured in countless ways. They can become counterpart to other games, but there is so much you can do with Legos that you usually don’t have to. Even though they often come packaged as sets, they may only be built into their intended configurations once before they end up in a big tub of miscellaneous pieces. Every so often, dump them on the carpet and see what your kids come up with.

Costumes let children further submerse themselves in their fantasies and pretend to be something else. Some costumes lend themselves to fewer types of play, like a fireman’s hat, but others are more versatile, like a child’s umbrella, big floppy hat, old towels, an oversized coat, cheap costume jewelry, etc. With these items, children can turn themselves into anything.

Cardboard boxes Have you ever purchased something, taken it out of the package, and found your children playing with the box? There’s something about cardboard boxes that attract kids. The boxes become spaceships, pirate boats, racecars, and forts. You don’t have to buy anything specifically for the box, but the next time you end up with a big one, keep it clean and put it aside for playtime adventures.


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