Got a Picky Eater?

Got a picky eater? I sure did – my son used to look at me in horror if I mixed his peas with his pasta. Starting the food adventure early ensures your child won’t be stuck in the fast food (or convenience food served fast at home) rut. Try making food a source of education.

As parents, we all want our child to develop a mind of their own, even if this may cause some issues down the road. This can be seen from your child’s eating habits becoming picky and you may begin to struggle to get them to eat a meal. Since you’re going to want your kids to eat the healthy foods that they may not always enjoy, these eating habits need to be fixed early on. Here are some ways to stop a picky eater:

Make a Drink – As long as it tastes decent, your child will most likely prefer a shake or juice drink over having to eat a full plate of food. Make a fruit and vegetable smoothie for them to get those vital nutrients to your kid. Better yet, if you have an electric juicing device, you can make the most of your healthy foods by squeezing the essential vitamins and minerals out of them.

One Bite – Sometimes you have to put your foot down as a parent and make your children do things that they don’t want to. Instead of letting it go when they don’t want to try something new, make them at least try one bite of it. Most of the time children will come to find that they actually enjoy a new food if they have the courage to try it!

Toppings – Adding special toppings to your child’s food will help make them less picky. Find some nutritious toppings they like to broaden your picky eater’s possible menu. Here are some more suggestions for toppings: Greek yogurt, cream cheese, guacamole, tomato sauce, applesauce, and peanut butter.


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