How to promote your child’s development

As parents, we want to do everything we can to give our children a leg up in life. That means stimulating their development as best we can. Here are a few ways you can promote learning.

Provide plenty of toys – You want to make sure your child has plenty of open-ended toys. Toys give your child a chance to experiment with their environment in a safe way. Stuffed animals are great because they simulate human interaction.

Provide lots of tummy time – You should be starting tummy time around two months-old. Tummy time gives your baby opportunities to learn motor skills and exercise those little muscles.

Talk to your baby – Babies begin developing language at a very early age, even though they can’t speak. Speak to your baby often, even though you don’t expect a response. When your baby does make a noise, reply with an upbeat, exaggerated expression. Talk about your day, what’s happening nearby, or what your plans are for later.

Meet those needs right away – This is especially important during the first months. Meet your child’s needs immediately to provide a sense of security and inform her that mom and dad will take care of her. This builds attachment and trust by providing predictability and comfort. It creates a platform for other learning because baby doesn’t spend energy worrying or coping.

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