Why travel is an important part of your child’s development

The benefits of travel are absolutely endless – culture experiences, breathtaking landscapes, new adventures and tightened family bonds, just to name a few. As a parent, I have observed how experience from traveling abroad from a young age can cultivated a passion for travel in both of my children; a passion that played a vital role in their development.

Exactly like reading stories to your young ones, the skills they acquire from such memories are irreplaceable. Here’s a few reasons why raising a kid who loves to travel will benefit their development:

Travel Opens Your Child’s Mind: One of the best things about travel is that it’s a huge mind opener.
It Teaches New Responsibilities: Life is very different on the road that’s part of its magic – it forces us to break away from those daily routines. Travelling with your children helps your young ones to accept new roles through decision making and skill development.
It Strengthens Families: Whether it’s just you and your young one travelling together or it’s a whole family trip, travelling is notorious for strengthening bonds.
Boosts School Grades: Through real-life learning experiences, travel adds tangibility to what your children are reading and learning about in school. These travel experiences create a richer context and substance to their classroom knowledge which in turn, helps to boost those school grades.
They’ll Practice Tolerance and Acceptance: And challenges and flexibility! Travel can bring out the worst and best in people so there’s plenty of opportunities to practice valuable lessons. They’ll learn to adapt to new situations, meet different challenges and be flexible enough to be patience in an unexpected lifestyle.
Travel Promotes Incredible Socialization: Despite some parents believing that pulling children out of class to travel can mean lack of socialization with others, it’s quite the opposite. And even better, it allows them to connect with people all ages, all nationalities and all walks of life – people that can enrich their lives even further.

Travel is truly something magical. It’s a wonderful tool in the development of children and can help to provide a solid grounding in your own home, culture and family. Where would you take your young ones this summer?


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