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The Making of a Bookworm

Every parent wants a child who is an avid reader? It may take some time, but there are many simple ways to gift your child with the love of books. These strategies can help you make a Bookworm:

1. Your child must see you reading.
He'll wonder what's so intriguing. This is the first step to picking up a book on his own.

2. Build reading into your daily routine. 
Set aside time to read each day. For us, bedtime works best. Find what works best for you and your children and stick to it.

3. Your child should have easy access to his books. 
It's important for your child to be able to look at them whenever he wants.

4. Take your child to story time. 
Check your local library and book store. Almost every city has one or more bookstores offering story time for specific age groups. This is not just limited to big chain stores. Some of the smaller boutique stores have the most exciting readers. If you are lucky you may even spy the author of one of your child's favorite books.

5. When you're reading to your child, hold him close. 
This is a great opportunity to cuddle. As much as the book, he will enjoy the experience. Reading is an excellent bonding activity.

6. Awaken the actor within. 
Use your voice to bring the story to life. My kids love it when I use different voices - especially scary ones - when I read to them.

7. Ask questions. 
Ask your child what his favorite part of the book was - and what he liked the least. This will get him thinking about what he's just read and will give you a sense of how much he understands.


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