• Toy Fact: LEGO

    Toy Fact: LEGO

    LEGO is one of the most popular, and best-selling, toys of all time and is a household name all over the world. It’s fun for children and adults of all ages …Read More »
  • There’s Only One Monkey for My Barrel

    There’s Only One Monkey for My Barrel

    One of my favorite toys as well as my kids’ favorite toy is the world-famous Kay Bojesen monkey. First created in 1951, the beautiful thing about this pot-bellied wooden monkey …Read More »
  • Create and decorate!

    Create and decorate!

    One of my children’s very first toys and a keepsake of mine is the Zolo Collection of wooden play sculptures. The Zolo5, pictured here, is a unique limited edition toy. …Read More »
  • The Making of a Bookworm

    The Making of a Bookworm

    Every parent wants a child who is an avid reader? It may take some time, but there are many simple ways to gift your child with the love of books. …Read More »
  • Toy Fact: Hula Hoops

    Toy Fact: Hula Hoops

    The Hula Hoop began as a simple wooden ring sold in retails stores in 1957. They were such a hit that the company began manufacturing them in bright colors made …Read More »
  • Built for Beauty and Brains

    Built for Beauty and Brains

    Wooden toy. Vibrant colors. Stimulating creative play. With these simple, colorful blocks by Twig you and your child can check off all the elements to an engaging and educating play …Read More »
  • Toy Fact: Tinker Toys

    Toy Fact: Tinker Toys

    Charles Pajeau of Illinois invented Tinker Toys. At first, no one was interested, so at Christmas time he hired several “little people” to dress as elves and play with the …Read More »
  • Toy Fact: Pez Candy

    Toy Fact: Pez Candy

    Invented in Austria, the Pez candy machine was created to look like a cigarette lighter. 7 years later, the company began putting character heads on the top and marketing them …Read More »
  • The Gift of Time—Gives for a Lifetime!

    The Gift of Time—Gives for a Lifetime!

    One of the most significant milestones in a young child’s life, few skills are used more than telling time. Give your children a real watch or clock and teach them how …Read More »