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Why Didi’s Toy Box
It is very simple–Fun Rules! How can you not sign up for a monthly package full of heirloom toys?

Didi’s Toy Box is dedicated to helping parents nurture their child’s early development by providing a monthly subscription of toys tailored to your child’s age and developmental stage. Play is serious business for a child; during the first 3 years of life, most brain development occurs and, through play, children discover the world around them and learn how to interact with it, developing their motor skills and confidence. We enhance those learning experiences by making an exciting world of shapes, sizes, colors, sights and sounds readily available to your children. We design our boxes for the very first years of a child’s life–the critical period when the brain is rapidly growing.

Kids learn best when having fun, so Didi’s Toy Box offers toys that educate through exploration, imagination and discovery. We look forward to serving as your guide to play as you journey through early parenthood. Our toys are attractively designed, durable and fun; that’s why they retain their timeless interest generation after generation, inspiring a wide scope of children’s imaginative play.
Children do not play to learn–but they do learn from playing.


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