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Rub, Rub, Rub the Leaves!

Leaf rubbing is a great activity for kids preschool up to elementary-school-age. You can do it at home and it requires very little effort.

Your front yard, balcony or nearby park provides the most essential material-leaves. Your kids will love collecting the leaves, then discovering how different each leaf looks once you’ve rubbed it onto paper. The rubbings look just as great on computer paper as they do on construction paper.

Go on a leaf hunt with your kids, get out the crayons, chalk and paper once you get home. Put the paper on top of the leaves and lightly rub the side of a crayon or piece of chalk over the paper. (Be sure to peel off the crayon paper first.) When you’re done, let your kids color the designs or cut them out and decorate the house. Have fun with it!


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