Get All Dolled Up!

Hair, make-up, shoes, clothes – the possibilities are as limitless as the imagination! Almost every young girl loves the magical world of dolls. Dolls have been around for generations. They entertain little girls by allowing them to imagine their own independence and maturity. Young girls lead a fantasy life through their dolls. In it there are many real life lessons, however.

By assuming roles toddlers begin to develop language and social skills such as sharing and helping. For preschoolers and early school age children the miniature world provides an opportunity to begin to see their own place in the world and to learn the very unique roles different people play.

My daughter Laura’s favorite doll comes from the Corolle line of dolls. Nearly 18 months when she received her first Corolle doll, for years it served as a travel buddy and constant companion.

What makes Corolle dolls so special is the amazing selection? After the initial feeling of being overwhelmed you’ll find there is a Corolle doll for every age and stage your child will encounter. These adorable and fashionable dolls with corresponding clothing and accessories make for endless hours of play.

Join your little one in the world they create.
You’ll be constantly surprised.


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