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Lets Go to the Zoo

One of my favorite things to do is to visit a zoo with my kids when they were younger and still is. I loved witnessing the wonder and amazement in my son’s eyes as he saw an animal for the first (2nd or 3rd) time! His face would light up and he would smile in excitement.
Visiting a zoo offers so many incredible learning opportunities. While having a fun day exploring, kids will develop valuable skills and obtain priceless knowledge. A day at the zoo also encourages a healthy lifestyle while bringing family and friends together. It is the perfect day trip destination for any season!

There are so many amazing benefits to visiting a zoo.

Enhanced Language Development
As you walk around the zoo with your children, they are exposed to words and concepts. It also encourages the dialogue between you and your children and even between siblings. While walking around with your child, it is important to label every animal and ask questions. This will help increase their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Promotes Family Bonding
Visiting a zoo is the perfect way to spend a day together as a family. Grandparents, parents, cousins and siblings can all find something to enjoy at the zoo. One of my fondest memories with my kids was visiting the Miami Zoo and my kids feeding the Giraffes. THE EXPRESSION ON MY SON’S FACE WAS PRICELESS.


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