How It All Began

The inspiration for Didi’s Toy Box came from the founder, Diana, an esteemed toy expert whose stores have been recognized for their outstanding toy and gift selection by The New York Times, Parents and Child magazines, Time Out New York Kids, The New York Post and many other publications. In 2002 Diana opened her first unique toy stores in New York City and Bedford, New York. She set out to create a company whose simple purpose was to offer the finest in children’s toys and games from around the world. However, the need for high-quality developmental toys to inspire imaginative play and exploration extends further than the original brick-and-mortar stores could satisfy, so Diana developed Didi’s Toy Box. Now based in New Jersey, Didi’s Toy Box retains its child-centered values so that parents and grandparents can give the gift of play to their precious little ones in the form of a monthly subscription box.

Having raised two children of her own, Diana knows how difficult it can be to discover high-quality toys that not only entertain but also educate children at every stage of development. She believes that, to inspire their imaginations and creativity, kids need our love, nurturing and encouragement much more than they need the latest in electronic distractions. With an endless supply of product choices, little guidance on developmental toy selection and even less time for toy shopping, you may feel overwhelmed selecting age-appropriate toys. Didi’s Toy Box will do the work for you by curating classic toys that help children discover and learn from the world around them.

Our objective is to create a truly unique experience for all by selecting from the most amazing toys the world offers. Made with high-quality materials to last a lifetime, our toys are perfect for families to pass from one generation to the next. Our hope is that Diana’s selection of toys will bring you and your children the same joy they have brought her and her children over the years.


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